sábado, 19 de octubre de 2013



Nothing better to do than cry. Nothing worse to do than cry.
Happyness turns into sadness in just seconds. And you don't even realise till it happens.

Life is a fucking shit, it punishes you even when you don't know why. And you think you did something really wrong to be punished that bad.

You search for a reason. There must be one... but even when you are so convinced of that, nothing... If only someone could tell you why.

Just an answer!

I just need to know what I did so wrong that made life decide to be so bad with me.

What do I need to fix to make it simple. To make it nice. To make it worth it...

But I keep on thinking "Why?", and nothing seems to be the "Because..."

Y a mi... cuándo me toca ser feliz?

Tan solo necesito un poco de cariño... Pero es que no se pedirlo.

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