miércoles, 11 de abril de 2012

Necesitaba gritar esto a los cuatro vientos

I can not handle this situation any more. During the last 10 months, I've been waking up to live for you all. I have no time for myself, and you all just take for granted that I'm always gonna be there to pick up your stuff and tidy up your mess. You just don't care about messing everything you find arround you and I haven't hear a sincere thank you in all this time.

You forget I'm just 22 and I'm carrying on with the all bloody house by myself and I have no help at all from you.

I'm not even allowed to show my feelings unless they are happyness and you even say that I'm like part of the family when I'm obviously not.

More than once, I've stayed the all day without eating while I've been hearing you prepare lunch and dinner. More than once, I've have to leave everything I was doing, no matter what, to do something else you could perfectly do by yourselves. More than once I've hear how you called me "maid" when I'm not. And more than once, I've have to leave myself in the second... no, third... no! fifth place! Because of you all.

And I'm tired of living other lifes, leaving my own life on the side while it goes on without me. And I'm tired of doing things for you just to try to make you happy and reciving rudnes from the girls or indiference from you two.

I want this two weeks and a half to run away as quick as it's possible. I want all this to finish by once.

I want to carry on with my life. That life I had to leave on the side because of you all.

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Perséfone dijo...

Te endiendo.

No hay nada más odioso en esta vida que la gente que se aprovecha de los demás, incapaces de empatizar de manera alguna con esoe seres a quienes pisan una y otra vez.

No dudes en hacerte valer.

Mucho ánimo.

PD.- Hubiera contestado también en ingles para nor romper la magia, pero no me siento tan suelta como para intentarlo.

Ursuleña dijo...

This is the worst part of being in your situation. I guess everyone is different and I also guess I wouldn't do that to someone that is staying at mine. For sure, I would never ever call him/her maid. That is very rude bearing in mind standard English politeness.
(Try to think what would happen to an English girl in your situation in Spain).

I really hope you enjoyed the city by yourself, no matter how bad the things were at the house.

Anyway, it's not difficult to get a job in London and I see you're English is good enough to make a start here on your own.
So, sometime you might consider to come back and give London another go.

Be happy and try to enjoy the rest of your time here and don't let anyone ruin it, if you put it this way, you don't have anything to lose at this stage :)

U xx

Una ignorante dijo...

Perséfone: No te preocupes por el idioma, que lo de escribir en inglés ha sido simplemente porque se terció así :P Gracias por pasarte, por comentar y por tu apoyo ;)

Ursuleña: I found it really disrespectfull, but it has nothing to see with the place, so I will give London another go, and another, and another... I've fall in love with this city, and I'll came back for sure. Maybe sooner than what I expected. Anyway, I won't let anyone ruin my last weeks in here ;) Thanks for your support. XX